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BABY ESSENTIALS is a stylish apparel and accessories line for babies,made from the finest 100% certified organic fibers.We strive to care for the earth and its community without sacrificing fun and style .Every little baby apparel supports our vision and hope of a cleaner and greener earth. They have generously donated a $200 Gift Certificate to the grand prize for this event!

Thanks Baby Essentials!!!!

Why Organic/Natural ? A baby's skin is far more sensitive than an adults skin. Since their skin is more porous, hence it absorbs chemicals very easily. A baby's skin also produces less melanin (the substance that helps protect against sunburn).

Due to this ,their skin is less resistant to bacteria and harmful substances in the environment.

Due to their constant respiratory growth,due care needs to be taken while selecting any product used on them.

Did you know that conventional stores that sell baby clothes and accessories which contain pesticides, heavy metals and harmful dyes that can harm your babies?

Commercial cotton is grown today using pesticides and chemicals fertilizers. When this cotton is used to manufacture your baby's clothes, it will still contain a residue of all those toxic chemicals for your baby to suck on when he is sucking on his sleeve. In most cases, the colorful and attractive dyes that are used to dye the babies clothing are made from harmful chemicals.

Organic cotton, like all other organic fibers, is grown naturally without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers. Our Organic cotton baby clothes and accessories are manufactured without the use of any toxic chemicals and dyes.

We diligently review and research our products before we decide to launch them in the market. Our baby clothing and accessories incorporate 100% organic cotton and natural ingredients meeting international standards.

Our organic baby toiletries are hand made from organically produced ingredients without any harmful chemical compounds.

Organic Cotton Baby Blanket Soft and oh-so-snuggly,Baby Essentials brings you the Organic Cotton Baby Blanket that wraps very loving memories for your little one.Created from very light weight organic cotton (cambric),its plain weave texture makes its airy and huggable. Great for tummy time,stroller and nursing cover,the double layer of cotton serves as a multi-purpose blanket that pampers your precious angel. The tightly woven fabric is treated with vegetable dyes that have medicinal and healing properties to soothe baby's skin and avoid skin irritations.These cozy coverlets are tag along favorites to keep tiny tots warm and snug.Perfect for your little green baby. Also an awesome green baby shower gift . Features : 100% GOTS certified organic cotton Size : 42" by 42" Machine Washable

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