Hundreds of ways to WIN at the Ultimate Baby Shower!

Happy Future USA: Welcome home to the only complete baby skincare product line created for today's busy babies and mommies.

Developed in France and proven throughout Europe, all Happy Future products are created to a "higher standard" and here is what you get:

  • Safety & Purity (100% hypoallergenic)
  • Ease & Convenience
  • USDA certification with French/EU approval by ECOCERT
  • Pleasant smelling & Good tasting

    They have generously donated a $200 Gift Certificate to the grand prize for this event!

    Thanks Happy Future!!!!!

  • FAQ

    The entire Organic and Natural product line is produced in France under the strictest supervision by ECOCERT and BIOCERT, two widely accepted, global organizations that insist upon purity in materials and processing from the ground up. The USDA fully accepts and recognizes these sister organization certifications.

    Major countries around the world including USA, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, EU, Japan and others accept the certifying stamps in lieu of or alongside their own domestic certification. (USDA fully accepts and recognizes ECOCERT)

    Formula contains no nut derivatives or grapefruit seed extract | No Parabens | No phenoxyethanol | No silicone | No petrochemical derivatives | No synthetic perfumes | No artificial colorings | No alcohol and no raw materials derived from GMOs. Finally, recyclable packaging contains no phthalate.