Afternoon Bee Baby Shower Theme

Afternoon Bee Baby Shower Theme

 The Afternoon Bee Baby Shower Theme

A casual, yet elegant gift for the mom to bee.

The Menu

Almond Grape Chicken Salad
Almond Grape Chicken Salad
Click HERE for the recipe


Maryland Crab Cake Appetizers
Maryland Crab Cake Appetizers
Click HERE to order online
The Decor
Everything you see is available on Etsy

I love purchasing invitations on etsy! The extra touch that you can give your shower, and honestly it doesn’t cost any more than the pre-packaged, cookie cutter invites at Rite Aid. These are available from Libby Lane Press and for $15, you get the digital file to print as many as you like!

A Bee Baby Shower would not be complete without a piece like this. Mommy to be will hold on to this keepsake, and ladies this is not just another balloon bouquet in the corner of the nursery. This is available from Constant Baubling for just $17.

Orangekisses‘ shop specializes in these lovely, light as a feather GAME changers! Best part, BIG impact, itty bitty price! These are available for 6 Poms, $20! Several colors are listed, and also “choose your own colors” is available!

Viva Sweet Love’s shop specializes all different kinds of printed products, from tee shirts to dinner napkins, and this one is my favorite! What a cute addition to a barbeque area, maybe even a theme starter…! I like Queen Bee here for our Afternoon Bee Baby Shower theme :)

Sunshine and Ravioli‘s shop specializes in vintage feel, handmade invitations and tags. ONLY $5.50 for a set of 5!!! Girls that’s just 5 bucks to set the mood of the whole table!

Click on images to go to etsy listings!

Bottom Line:
You can easily set this room for less than you think, and it is EASY!
Our total cost, including  PLACEMATS and Vintage brunch service for 4, and everything you see here, is
$211.50 including food
Let that sink in before you plan a wedding reception style baby shower!

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