BabyGanics Sunscreen Review

Natural Sunscreen Review:

In the world of skincare, I know a thing or two. My toddler son inherited my fair and sensitive skin. I have several drawers in my bathroom of barely used skincare products that left me irritated and itchy. I now tend to buy mostly or all natural products and find they work much better for us. Finding natural skincare? Easy. Finding natural sunscreens? Not so easy. 
BabyGanics Sunscreen Review

Thank goodness BabyGanics had my back (ha! literally!) BabyGanics was started by two dads, how cool is that? They wanted to make our everyday products safer for babies, people and the earth. 

Have you read the label on your sunscreen? Woah! what IS some of that stuff? BabyGanics DOESN’T contain PABA, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, nano-particles, retinyl palmitate, mineral oil,petrolatum, artificial colors, synthetic fragrance, gluten or nuts. Did you catch the last two? Gluten and nut free. That got my brain ticking. My toddler has a peanut sensitivity, if this sunscreen is nut-free what other sunscreens AREN’T? 

The cover-up baby line has a sunscreen spray with an SPF 50. It is water resistant and can last up to 80 minutes. My sunscreen review is A+!

This spray is a non-aerosol bottle. As a mom, this thrills me. If an aerosol trigger clogs or breaks the product inside is totally useless. If a pump spray clogs you soak it in a sink of hot water and BLAMO! It works again. 

With this sunscreen, you spray and rub in. It doesn’t specify this but that is my experience with it. I chose to spray it into my hands and then rub onto my sons face since he doesn’t understand the concept of “close your eyes” quite yet. Since I sprayed it into my hands, they were a bit tacky. I would recommend a baby wipe or washing them. 

This is an awesome product that I love. I use it for my whole family now. BabyGanics has my back. Do they have yours? :)
You can find BabyGanics on Facebook and Twitter, and their suncare products are available for purchase on their website- Best part- These are NO MORE EXPENSIVE than anything you would pick up at Rite Aid. Since you know you will be stopping on the way…somewhere…this summer, why not be prepared!
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