Vasectomy- How it effects the Mom

And so I have been feeling the “woulda-coulda’s” lately. My last baby turns 2 soon. The plain truth is that this blog, business, hobby, passion…obsession…is all to fill some kind of unexpected void.



I am a 34 year old women, (and strangely still have a hard time classifying myself as an adult, as to type ‘women’ felt awkward…) I have 3 of my own children, and an awesome stepson. I am just horrible at being pregnant, however healthy I may be, I am miserable from start to finish. After our last baby, my husband had a vasectomy.
It was the right choice. Really though, for financial reasons, and also for sanity reasons, it was. But not for my heart. What is so unfortunate is that these feelings did not arise until I was driving my husband home from his procedure. My son was 6 weeks old.

It hit me clear and hard. I immediately began to cry. (this is not unusual for me :) All of the good wife parts of me tried to show concern for my still drugged up husband, half drooling in the passenger seat next to me

You will never feel the rush of childbirth again “Honey, can I change the frozen peas on your balls?”


You will never again get that first look in his eyes


“Come on now, lets go change your bandage.”


No more Vaseline ice cream cones, belly buttons falling off, covering small finger nails with socks.


“Yay…we can have sex whenever we want worry free. Yaaaay.” {note sarcasm}


The last milk has dried up, the last midnight feeding has past, and you can NOT get them back.


“Lets go fetch that sample!”

So ladies, Mommy’s, pinkies up and Preggo’s, here’s to us.

For every moment, no matter how stressful, is a  treasure. Do not take the gift of life lightly, and do not enter into a vasectomy lightly either.

Here’s to small fingers gripping your pointer.
Here’s to paper finger nails.
Here’s to bird seed poop.
Here’s to midnight cries.
Here’s to 4 AM starting your day.
Here’s to “Honey we need diapers”
Here’s to laundry
Here’s to the first nail trim.
Here’s to the first screaming tubby
Here’s to all his clothes being too big
Here’s to making bottles
Here’s to making bottles
Here’s to making bottles
Here’s to the moments we will cherish forever.‘s,

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