Breasts after Baby- A whole different thing

Any women will tell you, that she took her young breasts for granted, and having a baby (or several) can do a number on a moms body. I was one of the lucky ones I guess…Nothing changed that much for me, but I saw some crazy things happen to my poor sister!


She had twins at 19 years old, prime time. The twins sucked her breasts completely dry, and what she was left with after a year of nursing, was reminiscent of an orange in a sock… My poor sissy! It is no wonder that years later, when she was financially able, she treated herself to breast implants. At first we were shocked that she actually did it! Then we went through the times that you could NOT look at her face no matter how hard you tried! In the end? She feels happy when she looks in the mirror so we feel happy too!


You would be surprised at all of the options though…I was amazed at the things she would tell me when she was going through preparation for the surgery. The price of breast implants today is really actually affordable! My sister got insurance for 20 years on her boobs…we laughed at that part, but essentially like any other major purchase, it is a smart idea! She had a small down payment and a monthly payment for 2 years. Honestly if I were braver I would consider those terms!


What do you think about it? Vanity or feeling beautiful like getting a new hairdo? Self esteem or self LOVE?

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