Bloggers Sign-Ups: MAKE money from this giveaway!

As bloggers we are all familiar with the FREE Giveaway trend. Post the event for your free spot, with hundreds of members this can bring a lot of follows! We are also familiar however, with the trend of a GOOD chunk of the participants NOT promoting the event. It seems like as in many other things in life, only a few members do all of the work.


I believe this is because there is no investment in the giveaway. There is no sponsor looking (that you are personally affiliated with anyway!) There is no financial investment on the bloggers part. JUST a post and go that will soon be forgotten for the next group of free sign-ups. This results in an ever increasing loss of GAIN from these events!


Well what if you could stand to MAKE something from hosting a giveaway?


Sign up here for the FIRST- MVM Money Maker Giveaway!

  • Every weekend we will host a different opportunity to MAKE money by hosting an event!
  • From 12:01 am EST on Fridays through 11:59 pm EST on Sundays we will host a group giveaway HOP for a $20 prize.
  • Buy in is Just $1.50 and will be limited to 20 blogs.


Here’s How it Works!

Here is our giveaway widget that allows us to add special kinds of entries to our events, AND differentiate referral IDs so that you are promoting yourself!

Go ahead! Try it out! (This is NOT a live event)

When you sign up for the event in the form below, you will receive your OWN widget via email. The top follows will remain MVM. Your widget will have your own follow buttons at the bottom, and the banners will contain YOUR affiliate links! (Not an MVM Affiliate yet??? Sign up HERE- it’s FREE!) Lastly, and the REALLY cool part? The widget contains a HOP at the bottom to all of the other hosting blogs. During test events, the widget was a #1 traffic source for many of our testers!


Week ONE- we will feature “SELL a gift card” as your monetization entry. Every time someone sells a gift card for entry, you will earn 83 cents!Next week will be a Pay Per CLICK!


Interested? Here’s what to do!

  • Fill out the form below and send $1.50 to
  • You will receive your widget via email. It is a short iframe code much like Rafflecopter or linky’s.
  • You will receive a reminder on Thursday to post, with post info.
  • Your success is up to you! Use the widget in a giveaway post ONLY, or create a post about selling gift cards and add it there too! The more you promote, the higher chance of selling a gift card, and the more you will make from this event!
  • ***If you are already an affiliate you can find your referral ID HERE
  • ***If you need to sign up for your affiliate link you can do so HERE.

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