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What Women Really Want From a Man

Sugardaddie.com – A Millionaire Dating Site created this fabulous infographic, and for the most part I can’t agree more! It is actually funny in some cases how our needs change, and that changes what is attractive to us too!
What Do Women Really Want From Men - Infographic 
I think it is cute that my girls will eventually look for a man like their father, and I certainly hope they will look deeper into an extravagant gift. The only point to which I disagree- I don’t care about the car. I do not think it would be disrespectful to drive a modest car while making a lot of money. I don’t think it is shameful to live in a small house if you make a lot of money. I think these things are about a persons priorities. I love the outdoors, so a log cabin in the woods would be great for me, while another girl would turn her nose up to that in a heartbeat.

What is comes down to, is that we are human animals. By nature we want a man that can care for and protect our children. By nurture we look for a man like our father, and by media we are skeptical.

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