Fall Foliage Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Nothing is more inviting than the crunch of leaves under their bums, as they jump in the piles. A whimsical classic scene that tens of generations share, is the backdrop for our baby shower theme, FALL FOLIAGE

The Fall Foliage Baby Shower Theme

This, along with dozens of other ‘grown up’ invitations are available at LiLDuckDuck.com

This pieces of jewelry is charming! Have mom or babies names added for an AWESOME gift for mom!

At Macy’s Blings and Bows you will find a TON of similar themed charm jewelry!

What would a baby shower theme be without the cake? The diaper cake that is! Although I wish I’d had time to make my OWN for this theme, the fall foliage diaper cake shown here is just ADORABLE!

Looking for More Baby Shower Supplies?

Featured by So Chic Designs

Could this headband possibly be sweeter? Any momma would LOVE this photo op, and the bow is available for a great price at Pink Bowtique!

Your baby Shower doesn’t need to be the usual duckies and bunnies! Make a memory!
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