The Dreaded Pregnancy

My thoughts on being pregnant for the first time and what I did about it. So here I was 23, marring my best friend and the thought hit me.. OMGOSH.. I might get pregnant! That means I’ll have to HAVE a baby! The thought seriously struck fear into me.




About my journey of having my daughter through donor insemination.  For a lot of people, they have absolutely no trouble getting pregnant. Sometimes of course it is planned and sometimes the pregnancy is not planned. A lot of people do not have to think much about the fertility process or what they can do to increase their chances of getting pregnant. Other people plan a bit and start taking their folic acid vitamins before trying tot get pregnant and do a little reading and research on what foods are good to be eating for optimum fertility.



Factors to Consider Before Choosing IVF

Before you even make that appointment to discuss IVF, there are some basic considerations that you may want to take into account. The decision to undergo in-vitro fertilization, or IVF, is a deeply personal one. Like all medical procedures, it has its benefits and risks, and only you and your partner can decide if the benefits outweigh the potential risks. Every woman is different, and your fertility specialist will outline the potential risks based on your personal medical history before you make a final decision.



Breastfeeding versus Formula Feeding: The Pros and Cons of Each

In the breastfeeding versus formula feeding debate, both sides present valid arguments for the pros, and both sides have their downfalls. The debate between breastfeeding versus formula feeding has long been a raging one on parenting forums, in mommy playgroups, and anywhere else that moms or soon-to-be moms gather. It can get really heated and nasty at times, with one side coming down harshly on the other, often leaving hard and hurt feelings in its wake.



Painting While Pregnant: Is It Safe?

Painting while pregnant can be safe, as long as you take the right precautions, avoid certain types of paint, and don’t over-do it. One of the most fun parts of being pregnant (aside from delivering your beautiful, healthy baby and nuzzling those sweet little cheeks for the first time) is planning the nursery. Do you go with the traditional gender-specific colors or something neutral? Should you stick to baby pastels or opt for something a little more off the beaten path?




New FDA Rules for Sunscreen Products Shines Spotlight on Skin Health

New FDA labeling rules for sunscreens  take effect this summer and will help families achieve better protection from the sun’s harmful rays. We are all educated about the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure on our skin and the delicate skin of our children. Gone are the days of oiling up and laying out to soak up the sun. Skin cancer is real and deadly.




How Special Needs Children Change Your Life…

The birth story of my sister’s first child who she had at age 28 and that ended up with Down Syndrome. I decided to travel down to my hometown in Virginia (just outside of DC) to see the birth of my sister’s first child. After having two kids myself, and absolutely loving the days I gave birth to them, I wanted to share in this miracle with my sister (without having to endure any pain myself this time).




Drop Kicking the Mommy Blues!

Post-partum depression can be a drag so I’ve developed a few simple self-challenges to help me drop kick the blues.  BALANCE is an illusion, my balanced life may not look anything like your balanced life.  BALANCE is also very fragile.  The busier my life becomes, the more cracks will appear in the veneer of seemingly balanced life.








Roses for Rachel, a Story of Remembrance, a Tribute to a lost child.

A Beautiful Angel, survived a premature birth, thrived and brought joy to our hearts, only to discover that 7 years later, she had a birth defect that went unnoticed, that quickly took her life. This is how she changed our life, and our struggle to move on.







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