Help Teaching Your New Baby to Sleep! #Infographic

One of the most common stresses in a new moms life is lack of sleep! I really liked the ideas presented by this infographic, and this may have saved me several weeks of sleepless nights!


My strategy for children 1 through 3? If they cry I blindly (because my eyes were still closed….) shoved a bottle in their mouth. Then in bed with me they came…I do NOT recommend this course of action, and Mommy Relief came up with something a little nicer =)

Mommy Relief-DC,MD,VA
Sleep Training Graphic from Mommy Relief

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Get an Academic Advantage #Infographic #mvmgroups

It is time for school! I know that I am excited for a more peaceful day, autumn colors, sweaters and hot cocoa. The kids are excited to see their friends and start their fall activities. What we go through every year however, is the attack on organization!


What to do with all of the papers that come home every day? How to plan dinner between work schedules, homework, each different kids different activity….I plan on figuring out whether I am coming or going, and will most likely come to an answer of BOTH!


What we miss during the hustle and bustle of the life of a soccer mom, is giving the kids a boost. There is so much more expected of them than there was when I was in school….and heck I am not THAT old….that we need to find a fun way to keep them on top of the class! For me this is not only important, but mandatory.


This infographic provided by is not only informative, but filled with great ideas to keep the kids motivated, learning, and OFF the boredom train that can often come with being cooped up in the house!


I love the idea of volunteering to introduce them to new activities, and warmth. What would your kids choose from this list? How would you incorporate the free library activities into your schedule? Inspired? I am!!

Give Your Child An Academic Advantage
Academic Advantage Infographic by

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What Women Really Want From a Man – A Millionaire Dating Site created this fabulous infographic, and for the most part I can’t agree more! It is actually funny in some cases how our needs change, and that changes what is attractive to us too!
What Do Women Really Want From Men - Infographic 
I think it is cute that my girls will eventually look for a man like their father, and I certainly hope they will look deeper into an extravagant gift. The only point to which I disagree- I don’t care about the car. I do not think it would be disrespectful to drive a modest car while making a lot of money. I don’t think it is shameful to live in a small house if you make a lot of money. I think these things are about a persons priorities. I love the outdoors, so a log cabin in the woods would be great for me, while another girl would turn her nose up to that in a heartbeat.

What is comes down to, is that we are human animals. By nature we want a man that can care for and protect our children. By nurture we look for a man like our father, and by media we are skeptical.

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BabyGanics Sunscreen Review

Natural Sunscreen Review:

In the world of skincare, I know a thing or two. My toddler son inherited my fair and sensitive skin. I have several drawers in my bathroom of barely used skincare products that left me irritated and itchy. I now tend to buy mostly or all natural products and find they work much better for us. Finding natural skincare? Easy. Finding natural sunscreens? Not so easy. 
BabyGanics Sunscreen Review

Thank goodness BabyGanics had my back (ha! literally!) BabyGanics was started by two dads, how cool is that? They wanted to make our everyday products safer for babies, people and the earth. 
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Nature’s Baby Organics Face & Body Moisturizer review

When our Nature’s Baby Organics Face and Body Moisturizer arrived, my daughters were both instantly intrigued. As lotion fanatics, I often need to keep our bath products out of reach, even for the eight year old. Before long, they will have a thick white layer of perfumed product smothered on their hands and legs, looking to me to take up the excess. Read the rest of this entry »

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