Bloggers Sign-Ups: MAKE money from this giveaway!

As bloggers we are all familiar with the FREE Giveaway trend. Post the event for your free spot, with hundreds of members this can bring a lot of follows! We are also familiar however, with the trend of a GOOD chunk of the participants NOT promoting the event. It seems like as in many other things in life, only a few members do all of the work.


I believe this is because there is no investment in the giveaway. There is no sponsor looking (that you are personally affiliated with anyway!) There is no financial investment on the bloggers part. JUST a post and go that will soon be forgotten for the next group of free sign-ups. This results in an ever increasing loss of GAIN from these events!


Well what if you could stand to MAKE something from hosting a giveaway?


Sign up here for the FIRST- MVM Money Maker Giveaway!

  • Every weekend we will host a different opportunity to MAKE money by hosting an event!
  • From 12:01 am EST on Fridays through 11:59 pm EST on Sundays we will host a group giveaway HOP for a $20 prize.
  • Buy in is Just $1.50 and will be limited to 20 blogs.


Here’s How it Works!

Here is our giveaway widget that allows us to add special kinds of entries to our events, AND differentiate referral IDs so that you are promoting yourself!

Go ahead! Try it out! (This is NOT a live event)

When you sign up for the event in the form below, you will receive your OWN widget via email. The top follows will remain MVM. Your widget will have your own follow buttons at the bottom, and the banners will contain YOUR affiliate links! (Not an MVM Affiliate yet??? Sign up HERE- it’s FREE!) Lastly, and the REALLY cool part? The widget contains a HOP at the bottom to all of the other hosting blogs. During test events, the widget was a #1 traffic source for many of our testers!


Week ONE- we will feature “SELL a gift card” as your monetization entry. Every time someone sells a gift card for entry, you will earn 83 cents!Next week will be a Pay Per CLICK!


Interested? Here’s what to do!

  • Fill out the form below and send $1.50 to
  • You will receive your widget via email. It is a short iframe code much like Rafflecopter or linky’s.
  • You will receive a reminder on Thursday to post, with post info.
  • Your success is up to you! Use the widget in a giveaway post ONLY, or create a post about selling gift cards and add it there too! The more you promote, the higher chance of selling a gift card, and the more you will make from this event!
  • ***If you are already an affiliate you can find your referral ID HERE
  • ***If you need to sign up for your affiliate link you can do so HERE.

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Online Class ~ Become a Sewing Machine Master for Free!

Click here to join FREE ~ Become a Sewing Machine Master for Free!

Learn how to handle your sewing machine with the brand new, free, online Craftsy class, Sewing Machine 911, taught by Claudia Miller, sewing machine MD.

In this class, learn how to diagnose your machine’s symptoms and how to easily fix the most common issues, including jammed machines, top thread breaks, needle breaks, and more.

Claudia also explains the basic parts and functions of every machine. Whether your machine is still in the box, you’re working on a hand-me-down, or even if you’re an experienced sewist who still struggles with tension, this is the class for you! Plus, it’s free, so there’s nothing to lose. Sign up for Sewing Machine 911 now!

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Fisher Price Newborn Rock N Play Shipped for $38! HURRY!!

Remember Amazon prices change quickly, so be sure to click the picture for up to date pricing! Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n’ Play Sleeper, Neutral What a great gadget for new baby or an even better Baby Shower Gift!!Hot Deal for $45 Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n’ Play Sleeper, Neutral (different colors are different prices) and then there is a $7 OFF coupon you can clip!  Bringing the price down to $38 & FREE Shipping! This got awesome reviews, so make sure you check them out!

Below is what the item page will look like & I highlighted where you clip the coupon, so it will come off your order!

Thanks for sharing ~ Raining Hot Coupons!

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Vasectomy- How it effects the Mom

And so I have been feeling the “woulda-coulda’s” lately. My last baby turns 2 soon. The plain truth is that this blog, business, hobby, passion…obsession…is all to fill some kind of unexpected void.



I am a 34 year old women, (and strangely still have a hard time classifying myself as an adult, as to type ‘women’ felt awkward…) I have 3 of my own children, and an awesome stepson. I am just horrible at being pregnant, however healthy I may be, I am miserable from start to finish. After our last baby, my husband had a vasectomy.
It was the right choice. Really though, for financial reasons, and also for sanity reasons, it was. But not for my heart. What is so unfortunate is that these feelings did not arise until I was driving my husband home from his procedure. My son was 6 weeks old.

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Carry Me Please Baby Wearing Event Free for Bloggers to Join

Summer is almost here!  And with the warmer weather comes trips to the zoo and park and ALL sorts of outdoor activities!

What better way to enjoy these outdoor activities than with your baby on your back or on your front!

We just joined the  “Carry Me Please Baby Wearing Event”  and you can sign up, too.

The event will run run from May 12-May 26!  Prize awarded will be winners choice of an Ergo or Pikkolo baby carrier!

This will be a FREE event!  The only requirement is that you post about the sign-ups and then you post about the event when it goes live!

Links can be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or RSS.  Sorry No Google!

Sign ups will close on May 10th.  The Rafflecopter and HTML for the giveaway will be sent out on the 11th!

Click here to sign up!

If you have any questions please e-mail!

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Now Open FREE Blogger Sign Ups for iPad and Tuxedo Case Giveaway

Blogger Sign-Ups for the iPad and Tuxedo Case Giveaway!

Here is another great opportunity for bloggers, to participate in an iPad Giveaway for FREE!

Details are simple 

  • Create a post about the sign ups for this event, and link back to the form here.
  • Get a Facebook entry for FREE
  • Don’t want to post? Send $1.00 to for your first Facebook link
  • Additional links are available: Twitter and Email Sub for $1 ea.
  • Event goes live on May 7 at 12:01 AM EST and ends 5/20 at 11:59 PM EST
  • You will find a link to all posting information in your form confirmation, so you can schedule right now!
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Ultimate Baby Shower Sponsor Spotlight~Joovy!

This spring is bringing one winner of the Ultimate Baby Shower - a nursery! That’s not all though, Joovy is sponsoring three fabulous prizes to make this nursery - all that and more!

The nursery grand prize is a room complete with decorations and furniture. Add to this grand prize Joovy’s ‘The Room‘ a full-featured play yard, the Nook highchair. and the Groove stroller - making the grand prize extra special. Take a look:

play yard

The Room-full featured play yard

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