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Pay Attention on Pregnant time Crucial Things

There are such a variety of the supposed nourishments to expand the likelihood of pregnancy, for example, clams and champagne, ginseng, garlic, kelp, and yams. In any case, the data with respect to pregnancy sustenances are not valid by any means. The genuine richness nourishments are entire grains, superb protein bundle, solid fats, and even the incidental dish of dessert. This has been demonstrated by Nurses’ Health Study, it originates from the main thorough examination of fruitfulness and eating routine, an eighty-year investigation of more than 18,000 ladies that revealed ten confirmation base proposals for enhancing richness.

Not only foods, you need to pay attention for these things below if you are trying to conceive. Here are some things you should take notice if you are trying to conceive.

1. Avoid trans fats

These artery-clogging fats threaten fertility as well harm the blood vessels and the heart. Go trans free.

2. Consume more unsaturated vegetable oils. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are good for improving the body’s sensitivity to insulin and cool inflammation, which are good for fertility. Consume more vegetable oils, seeds, nuts, and cold water fish (sardines and salmon).

3. Instead of consuming no crabs, choose slow crabs. It is better to consume slowly digested carbohydrates that are rich in fiber. Whole grains, whole fruits, vegetables, and beans are examples of good slow crabs food for those who are trying to conceive because it can improve fertility by controlling blood sugar and insulin levels.

4. Consume more whole milk rather than skim milk. Skim milk seems to promote infertility, therefore you should consume whole milk while trying to conceive or you can have a small dish of ice cream or full-fat yoghurt everyday.

5. Take a multi-vitamin. You can take a multi-vitamin such as folic acid (400 micrograms per day) before getting pregnant can be helpful for your pregnancy program.

6. Get plenty of iron from plants. If you are trying to conceive, you are suggested to consume extra iron from plants. For instance whole grains, spinach, beans, pumpkin, tomatoes, and beets.

7. Drinking for health. By drinking means drink healthy beverage such as fruit juice and mineral water. Coffee, tea, and alcohol are good in moderation. But always remember, you should avoid drinking sugared sodas because it can cause infertility.

8. Head toward the fertility zone of weight. The best body-mass index (BMI) for fertility is in the range of 20 to 24. Working to move your BMI by gaining and losing some weight are good. Don’t do heavy activity too much or too little because it can affect on your normal menstrual cycle, throw off ovulation or stop it altogether.

9. Move to the fertility zone for activity. But don’t overdo it because too much exercise, especially if you are quite lean, can interfere with ovulation.

Is Wholesale Baby Shower Stuff a Good Concept

Numerous wholesalers offer fundamentally to retailers. In spite of the fact that customers have the alternative to place orders, as well, doing as such is regularly unrealistic. Wholesalers regularly bundle items in vast amounts. On the off chance that you arrange one unit of serving of mixed greens forks, you may wind up with enough utensils for 40 place settings. In numerous cases, this high-volume bundling makes purchasing wholesale items illogical for people. There are, notwithstanding, some prominent special cases, for example, buying wholesale infant shower blessings, for example, kiddie aprons, burp materials, and covers.

Infants usually need an ample supply of wholesale baby shower items like bibs and burp cloths. As anyone who has cared for an infant knows, several of these items can be soiled in a single day; and doing laundry daily can feel impossible when a baby demands constant attention. Even when parents don’t purchase the items from a bulk seller, they still end up with a generous collection of bibs and burp clothes out of necessity. If they purchase the products from wholesalers, though, they can often save hundreds of dollars.

Low Prices

For many consumers, the term wholesale is synonymous with low prices, but not everyone knows why wholesalers charge less than stores in strip malls and shopping centers. One reason why wholesale baby shower items cost less than the same products sold in retail stores is because wholesalers buy the products in bulk. The more units they order from a distributer, the less they pay for each unit. This allows retailers to purchase the products and sell them for a profit. If you need lots of burp cloths or bibs, you can save money the same way retailers do. The only difference is that you aren’t selling the product after you buy it in bulk.

Another reason why wholesalers charge less than retailers is because they typically have lower overhead. Stores in shopping centers and strip malls pay prime lease rates for the convenience of the locations. The same goes for stand alone stores near major thoroughfares and in foot shopping districts. Rather than invest in stores that have sales floors, most bulk sellers operate a warehouse, a business office, and a website where orders are placed - an arrangement that involves less operational expense than leasing and staffing a retail store.

Evaluating Sellers

If you plan to buy wholesale baby shower gifts, your purchase should be preceded by a little investigative work. Although most wholesalers offer fair prices and good customer service, disreputable sellers aren’t exactly rare. Thankfully, they tend to be distinguished by some prominent characteristics:

- Often ask for wire transfer payments

- Products receive poor customer reviews

- Don’t have a wholesale license when one is required

- Have a poor record at the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

- Don’t have a physical business location

If you find a seller of wholesale baby shower gifts that has some of these traits; you should look for a different seller, particularly one accepts standard payment options, sells products that receive favorable reviews, has a license if necessary, has a clean record at the BBB, and operates from a physical business location.

When you find a reputable seller, buying wholesale baby shower items is a great way to cut down on the expense of infant supplies like bibs, burp cloths, and blankets, or help someone else do the same by gifting her these products in bulk.

Impressive and Unique Baby Shower Concept

Impressive and Unique Baby Shower ConceptFacilitating a child shower to welcome the pending landing of somebody near you? It is safe to say that you are burnt out on playing the same diversions and seeing the same topics again and again? All things considered, fortunately nowadays there are a lot of innovative thoughts to help you arrange something that will make your more established relatives say “I wish they’d have done that in my day!”

Make Room for Daddy

First of all, it’s no longer necessary to quarantine baby showers to adult women only. Fathers are more involved in the birth and child care of their babies, so why not have the guys there for the fun? Child care isn’t just a woman’s job anymore. In the old days, men weren’t even allowed in the delivery room. Everything baby-related was “women’s business”, no wonder why they were excluded from the shower.

Today, more baby showers are including the friends and family of the expecting parents, including the guys and kids. Kid-friendly showers are also becoming more popular. Put out a few crafts or coloring books for the kiddies to help entertain them. For the guys, encourage them to bring something for “daddy”. Daddy “tool belts” or “kits” are popular. Also, Daddy Diaper Showers are a hit.

If the guys in your life want their own party, let them! Have some snacks and games for the guys separately, why not? Have a little game of blindfolded “Pin the Diaper on the Balloon” for a really fun time.

You can even wait until after the baby is born and host a “See and Sip”. This is much like an open house where couples come and mingle, just like a cocktail party, but bring gifts and see the new baby!

Whoooo Wants to be on Your Nursery Wall?

If ducks and bears are your thing, fine. But there are some other creatures that are gracing the walls of the nursery these days. Owls are all the rage. And it’s easy to see why, they’re cute! Owls have made their way to the baby shower scene as well. Everything from the invitations and paper goods to the guest books and favors are now easily found with these guys.

Mother Goose

A fun and interactive baby shower idea involves each guest bringing the baby a copy of their favorite childhood storybook. This helps mom and dad to build up their soon to be much needed library of bedtime stories. They can also bring a gift associated with the theme of the book like perhaps a stuffed white rabbit for “Alice in Wonderland”.

Just a Sprinkle

Showers aren’t just for first-time mothers anymore. The second or third (and so on) child is just as important as the first one. Why not celebrate their upcoming arrivals as well? If mom and dad still have everything from the first baby, just host a “Sprinkle” instead of a full-blown “shower”. Guests can bring a small gift for the parents or newly needed items for the baby rather than the all out “I need everything” theme from the first child.

Sometimes an “already mom” still needs a thing or two. Perhaps it’s been a while since the last baby came and things were given away or sold. Or maybe this new arrival is a surprise! If mom and dad didn’t see this one coming, they might need an extra hand getting things gathered together again.

Pink or Blue?

The Gender Reveal Shower is one of the hottest new trends in baby showers. There are several ways you can do this, but the most popular way to reveal the gender is inside the cake. The doctor gives a sealed envelope with the baby’s gender to the hostess of the shower. The hostess tells ONLY the baker who then bakes the inside of the cake pink or blue, depending on the gender. The cake is iced with a different color. Everyone then gathers around the cutting of the shower cake to see what the baby will be!

The only trouble with this type of shower is that since your guests won’t know what the gender is UNTIL the actual shower, they won’t be able to purchase gender-related gifts for you. But it’s still a sweet notion of shared surprise, nevertheless. It’s easy to see why this one is so popular.

Reach out and Touch Someone

Long distance baby showers are great for those couples who have moved away from their main friend and family base. It may not always be feasible for the couple to travel, especially when they’re expecting! But their nearest and dearest will still want to shower them with baby gifts.

Luckily, technology has made this super easy for us now. Online gift registries and e-invites help you pull it all together. Simply ask mom to register for the baby shower online and the guests will know what to buy, the same as for a traditional shower. The guests then mail the packages to the home of the expecting parents. While you’ll miss one another’s company, the sentiment (and gifts) is still much appreciated.

You may want to keep in mind the possibility of friends and family who aren’t too computer savvy. Mailing them a list of suggested items and a printed invitation explaining the situation is usually a good way to involve these not-so-techy loved ones. You can even mail them a baby shower favor to commemorate the event, the same as you would hand one out in person.

Instructions to Stay Cool for Pregnant Mother When During Summer

Being pregnant is an energizing feeling, however being pregnant amid the late spring months can be a tiring background. Pregnancy, independent of the climate causes hormonal uneven characters inside the body which builds the center body temperature. Hyperthermia or overheating can be a genuine reason for sympathy toward expecting moms. It can even prompt parchedness that can bring about loss of blood supply to the child.

There are a few manifestations that can give earlier suggestion of overheating amid pregnancy. They are as per the following:

Feeling got dried out or parched

Feeling unsteady or bleary eyed


Expanded heart rate

However there are sure elements that should be held fast to with a specific end goal to counteract overheating among pregnant ladies.

Drinking bunches of water - Notwithstanding pregnancy, drinking a lot of water amid summer months is an absolute necessity. Be that as it may, for pregnant ladies, it is critical to keep their bodies hydrated during the time of summer.

Wearing breathable garments - As already said, pregnancy causes an ascent in the body temperature, so wearing garments that are light shaded and free will permit the skin to stay cool. Cotton fabrics are perfect.

Remain inside - Although it is useful for pregnant ladies to take strolls and do light activities, notwithstanding, amid summer it is best to plan the strolls after nightfall, in order to point of confinement warmth presentation.

Stay away from espresso - An antenatal educator for the National Childbirth Trust, Ruthie Pearlman, has expressed that the ascent in center body temperature can be because of caffeine admission as it tends to build pulse. In this way, it is prescribed that pregnant ladies ought to maintain a strategic distance from espresso.

Eating cooling sustenances - Foods, for example, cucumber, watermelon, new peas and lettuce have a cooling impact on the body and in that capacity are valuable for pregnant ladies who are experiencing the impacts of overheating.

Take a stab at Swimming - Swimming is an unspoiled movement for pregnant ladies. Does it cool the body as well as an astounding type of activity to keep the expecting mother fit, while additionally abstaining from overheating.

Rest however much as could reasonably be expected - Sleep is key for the body to unwind and it is additionally critical for pregnant ladies to rest however much as could be expected. In this way, resting eases the body from depletion as well as averts overheating.

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Ways Basic Instruction to Planning a Great Baby Shower

So you’re eating with a companion and she trusts in you that she is pregnant. Since you are her closest companion, you will arrange an infant shower for her when she is prepared.

“Baby Showers are a mother-to-be’s right to passage, especially if it is her first baby!” you say. Baby showers have been in existence since the 1940s in America, and they were created so that women could get together and give advice to the mother-to-be. Today, however, there are no set rules as to who is invited or where one is held.

Have your friend register the baby at her favorite shopping location. This can be done almost anywhere: Amazon, Sears, Target, Babys-R-Us, and so on. This will later be put on the invitations that you send.

Decide the theme of the baby shower. Most times this is the same theme as the baby’s nursery. For example ladybugs or whimsical dragons. When this has been decided then everything to do with the baby shower should be theme oriented if possible.

Decide who to invite. Are you only going to invite girlfriends or will it be coed. This is important to know because the food and games will be different depending on what you decide. Guys generally will need real food - something with meat like chicken wings, hamburgers, or hotdogs; where women only will need just sweets and finger foods. The games also will be different if guys are invited, they prefer more active games. Women are okay with guessing games on paper. If you have a close knit group of people coming games will not even be necessary unless you want them, because they will socialize amongst each other and catch up on stuff they have missed.

Pick a place to have the baby shower. This can be a church hall, a park, someone’s house, or anywhere the mother-to-be wants to have it.

Prepare the invitation. This can be a video by email if you have everyone’s email. Or a handmade or bought invitation mailed. Be sure to have everyone R.S.V.P. and send the invitations out at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Buy the items you will need for the baby shower - the food and beverages; paper products (cups, napkins, and plates, plastic utensils if you need them); decorations; and party favors if you will be playing games.

Prepare for the party. Put up your decorations. Put out the food. Get everything ready for the games if you are playing some. Make sure you take care of everything before the guests arrive so that you can have fun too. Your job will also be to make sure that the mother-to-be is comfortable and has a place to open gifts where everyone can watch.

Idea for Moving When Pregnant

On the off chance that you are pregnant, moving can be exceptionally testing if not through and through debilitating. It would be further bolstering your good fortune to arrange and altogether arrange your turn to diminish any conceivable anxiety to you or your infant. Buying a house and moving commonly makes a lot of nervousness, however when pregnant the likelihood of extreme hormonal emotional episodes can make your moving knowledge intolerable. At the point when the moving day arrives, recall to drink a lot of liquids and pace yourself so you don’t over-strive. Give yourself a lot of time to unload the fundamental things. In the event that you are moving in your last trimester, it will be a to a great degree distressing occasion and you may feel totally overpowered. It is vital to converse with your specialist about your turn and what guidance they can offer you to make your turn as anxiety free and sound as could be expected under the circumstances.

It is in your best interest to thoroughly plan your move, establish realistic deadlines, and start to prepare weeks ahead of time by packing your belongings before the actual moving date. If you have the financial wherewithal to hire a moving company to pack, move, and unpack your belongings, you will undoubtedly reduce your stress during the move. If you hire a moving company, you should get at least three quotes from reputable companies. Before deciding on a moving company, you should look up each company on the Better Business Bureau website to see if any complaints were filed against them. Make sure the company is licensed and has a good reputation, but if you decide to move yourself it would behoove you to find and accept as much help as you can get from your family and friends. When pregnant, you have to limit your physical exertion. The following suggestions are steps that you can take to make yourself more comfortable on your moving date.

• Thoroughly Plan Your Move - You can reduce stress and minimize any complications by thoroughly planning out your moving day. There will be a lot to do, so seek help from friends and family. The day before your move get plenty of rest. You should create a moving checklist and organize the boxes in the moving truck, so the important boxes are unloaded first at your new house. Remember, don’t move anything you don’t need or want, if it is just clutter, throw it out.

• Research Your New Neighborhood - Search online or take a drive to your new neighborhood and find the local grocery store, bank, hospital, and other places that you will need access to shortly after you move in. It is also important that you find a new doctor for you and your baby prior to relocating to your new home. Ask your current doctor if they have any recommendations for a new doctor near your soon-to-be home. You should complete all the paperwork with the new doctor prior to moving. This should allow them to have your medical records prior to your moving date.

• Overnight Bag - At least a month before your move, you should have your hospital bag packed and stored in the trunk of your car in case you go into labor early. It is in your best interest to pack an essential survival bag which should contain any necessities, such as: batteries, a blanket, a pillow, snacks, etc.

Once in your new home, if you have the urge to clean, remember to try to avoid any toxic products that may be harmful to you or your baby. Also, avoid lifting and moving furniture and heavy objects. Focus on unpacking necessities, such as: clothing, kitchen items, and bathroom accessories. Your hormones may be going crazy from your pregnancy and the stress of moving. You may also become extremely tired, so try to get plenty of rest before and after your moving day. Also, talk to your tax preparer, you may be eligible for some tax advantages due to any expenses you incur in moving.

You in Pregnant time and Thinking About Breastfeeding

Choosing to breastfeed is simple. The truth of breastfeeding can be less direct.

During those last few months of pregnancy, you will have to think about how you want to feed your baby. Your midwife will ask whether you want to breast or formula feed, encouraging you to breastfeed because - as everyone knows - ‘breast is best’. The vitamins, minerals and antibodies in breast milk provide everything your baby needs for the first six months. In addition to the nutritional benefits, the closeness and bonding that breastfeeding helps to establish is well documented, along with many other benefits for both mother and baby.

Lots of women have an ambivalent attitude towards breastfeeding before their first baby is born, not wanting to add unnecessary pressure when they have the birth and the baby care basics to get through first. When the baby is born however, the instinct to breastfeed can be very strong.

Sometimes breastfeeding your first baby goes as well as the ante-natal video promised; your new baby is placed on your chest, skin on skin, and their little puckered mouth naturally finds its way to your breast and begins to suckle. This however, is not the end of the story and is not the scenario many women find themselves in.

Lots of new mothers find breastfeeding difficult. To give just a small number of examples, difficult can mean: the baby cannot latch on properly; the baby isn’t getting enough milk and is constantly crying or feeding; breastfeeding is extremely painful; the new mother is desperately exhausted by the every two-hour, night and day feeding schedule. Whatever the difficulties are, many new mothers find themselves shocked and completely unprepared for them. The conversations about the benefits of breastfeeding will have been plentiful, but the ones about what to do when it isn’t working may not have been.

Moving on to formula if breastfeeding is difficult can be the best solution for some new mothers, others simply need some support. Finding out where to go for help when you are taking care of a newborn however, can seem like an impossible task, and physically getting yourself to that help even harder.

Breastfeeding problems are extremely common and some of the best breastfeeding journeys have had a rocky start. Help is out there, and half an hour with an experienced breastfeeding counselor can make a huge difference. Whatever your issue, they will have handled it before, understand how you are feeling and be able to offer practical advice. Many counselors can visit you at home if you aren’t able to attend a breastfeeding clinic and make follow-up visits to see how you are getting on.

Deciding how to feed your baby is a very personal decision that only you can make. If you are planning to breastfeed or even thinking you might want to give it a try, do some research before the baby arrives. Talk to your midwife, ask questions, find out where your local breastfeeding clinic is and when they are open, find out who your local breastfeeding counselors are, how and when you can contact them.

You need To Know for Throwing a Baby Shower

A standout amongst the most vital days in a man’s life is the day that their kid is conceived. Much of the time, they are going to need to impart that exceptional day to you by having an infant shower ahead of time. Regardless of the fact that they don’t plan a shower, it would be a smart thought for some individual inside their family or close friend network to have one for them. Obviously, I’m certain that you are as intrigued as could reasonably be expected in ensuring that the shower goes off impeccably. Here are a few tips to help you to toss an immaculate shower that will be associated with numerous years to come.

One of the first and perhaps most important things that needs to be done is to set up a time line. You need to establish that timeline early because you want to make sure that everything falls into place in the time that is necessary. Keep in mind, some children are going to want to show up a little bit early, so don’t schedule the shower at the last minute. You should also ensure that everybody is aware of the shower well ahead of time so that you will have a turnout that will be impressive.

The type of gifts that are given at the shower is also going to be something that needs to be considered. Provided it is not a surprise shower, it is a good idea to have the mother register at a local store. Some mothers even register at multiple stores to give more choices to those that are going to be attending the shower. It is also possible for you to purchase other items, such as hooded towels or custom baby bibs that will be appreciated by the new family.

It is a good idea to have some games available for the shower. The types of games are going to depend upon the personality of the guests that are visiting. Of course, you would want to avoid any type of embarrassing games or those that would be awkward for the new parents. In addition, you would want to give a choice of many different games to give the opportunity for more people to get involved. It is just one more thing that you can do which will help to make the shower a perfect one.

If this is the first child, it may be a good idea for you to give some assistance in setting up the home for the child to arrive. This can be done above and beyond the shower that is given. Make sure that you give attention to the child’s room, getting it painted and putting everything in place before the child arrives. This not only helps everything to be less stressful but it also is a healthier choice. After all, the fumes from painting can last for quite some time, and you would not want to expose the newborn child to those fumes. Helping the new family with these necessary chores is going to be an act of kindness that will not be forgotten.

Keep Healthy your Body During Pregnancy

Keep Healthy your Body During PregnancyPregnancy is a period when a lady’s body changes significantly even supernaturally! For a few ladies, this can be a period of wonderment and satisfaction, for others it can be a period for persevering uneasiness and particular substantial side effects, and still for others it can prompt extreme tension and trepidation about their body. For the individuals who have battled with dietary issues, pregnancy and post-pregnancy can prompt backslide into dietary issue practices, for example, calorie-checking, confining, cleansing, over-working out, and fixation on weight reduction. Here are a few tips that will help you get past the times when your body is experiencing those radical changes amid pregnancy:

You will gain weight, of course. There’s another person growing inside you! Your medical provider will give you a range of how much weight you will likely gain. Remember that this is an AVERAGE! Some women gain more, and some gain less. You can still have a healthy pregnancy even if your weight gain does not fall within this recommendation. Weight is only one indicatory of health.

You will gain weight in other areas besides your womb. Your body is preparing for nurturing your fetus for nine months, going through the birth process, recovering from birth, and caring for your baby postpartum (breast-feeding). That means that you will see changes in how much fat you store and where you store it. Your body knows what it’s doing, though! Seriously. Just trust it. All these changes are necessary for a healthy baby.

Don’t be scared of your increased appetite. (After the nauseous stage, that is!) Sometimes women feel bad about themselves when they eat “a lot”. Don’t let extra hunger bother you. When I was pregnant, I remember waking up in the middle of the night, feeling hungry, and getting myself something some food to last until morning. I jokingly referred this to “feeding the baby” because I knew that soon I would be up in the night feeding the baby milk. Listen to your body: eat when you’re hungry, eat what you’re craving, and stop eating when you’re full. Another side note on nutrition: drink plenty of water! This is another necessity for your pregnant body and for the fetus.

Wear clothes that are comfortable for you and fit you’re pregnant form. The more comfortable you are, the less you have to worry about what you look like. You will already have several other discomforts related to pregnancy; don’t make clothes another one. Borrow maternity clothes from your friends and family. Invest in stretchy skirts (these can work for after you’re pregnant, too). And don’t forget to buy a bigger bra or two. You may even find that you’ll need to buy bigger shoes (or just wear flip flops every single day like my girlfriend did). Your feet may bet bigger from carrying extra weight, and they may swell.

Don’t compare to other women. This is a body image standard that everyone should follow at all times. Every body is different. Every pregnant body is different. Your body will carry your baby exactly the way it needs to. Your body knows what it’s doing.

Vow to not know your weight during pregnancy. At your check-ups, get weighed backwards so you can’t see the weight. Let your obstetrician and the nurses know that you do not want to know your weight unless there is a problem. That way you don’t have to worry about what you’re gaining. And obviously if you’re going to these lengths, don’t weight yourself anywhere else, either! This is how I handled my pregnancies, and my obstetrician didn’t mind-not one bit. Weight was NEVER a discussion during our appointments. We were able to talk about other things that were more important.

Ask the doctor not to tell you how “big” you’re measuring. That way you will have one less fact to compare to other ladies. This measurement is another way to make sure that the baby is growing. It’s not a good predictor for the mother’s health, and it can’t predict when the baby will come.

Change your exercise routine if you haven’t already. Respect any physical limitations you may have while you are pregnant. Consider taking a class for pregnant women-water aerobics, yoga, etc. Sometimes a short walk may be all you can do-like the extra walking you may do to find a restroom.

Get enough sleep. A hard task when you’re pregnant, I know! You will most likely feel more tired. Consider taking a nap during the day or going to bed earlier. The idea behind this is that getting enough rest improves your mood and the way you feel about yourself.

Accept that some days you’ll just feel awkward in your body. Period. You won’t like the way your clothes fit, you’ll have a bad hair day, etc. Just do your best for the time being, and hope for a better day tomorrow. No one had perfect body image 100% of the time. Try to remember that you’re growing a baby and focus on the time that you’ll get to have with this little person.

Approaches to Have a Healthy Baby

The happening to another child and the fundamental arrangements to be done is a standout amongst the most breathtaking choices in a couples’ lifetime. Savvy guardians who are thinking about their own future and their families ought not be fulfilled by simply an issue of having an infant however planning for a sound child. How might this be accomplished?

1. Couples should pay attention to their health before conception. Caring for healthy conception should start three to six months before birth.

2. Practice good nutrition. Even before conception, couples should begin to eat healthy foods, not only for their own health, but for the success of good conception and for their future health. Eat plenty of fruits, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, milk, orange juice and fish. These foods contain essential vitamins and minerals to help the mother obtain a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Improve eating habits like eating three full meals a day, and cook foods by steaming or boiling instead of frying. Caffeine intake from coffee and other beverages should be reduced if not eliminated as this will pose certain risks to the developing fetus.

3. Start taking vitamin supplements especially folic acid. Folic acid is needed together with prenatal vitamins to improve the health of the woman and so with the baby.

4. Attain and maintain your normal weight. If you are over weight there may be chances of getting pregnancy complications like eclampsia or pre-eclampsia which will make the woman have a difficult time conceiving. Besides, it is not advisable to lose weight during the time of pregnancy.

5. Birth control should never be practiced before pregnancy. Stop taking birth control pills at least two months before you want to conceive. You need to get the pills out of your system before conceiving.

6. Stop the habits of doing unhealthy social practices to conceive a healthy baby. There are many social habits that are hazardous for the health of a baby during the period of pregnancy. These habits must be eliminated before pregnancy to improve the chances of conceiving a healthy baby. Smoking of cigarettes, drinking too much alcohol and taking illegal drugs can adversely affect the health of the pregnant woman as well as the health of the baby.

7. Identify prescription drugs that are taken during pregnancy. Some women who take prescribed drug medications to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure should stop taking it since these drugs may have adverse reactions on health of the baby. Inform your doctor of all medications as soon as you start planning to get pregnant.

Preparing for a healthy baby lets you and your spouse be in great shape to be able to plan and practice the best methods for conception.