Impressive and Unique Baby Shower Concept

Impressive and Unique Baby Shower ConceptFacilitating a child shower to welcome the pending landing of somebody near you? It is safe to say that you are burnt out on playing the same diversions and seeing the same topics again and again? All things considered, fortunately nowadays there are a lot of innovative thoughts to help you arrange something that will make your more established relatives say “I wish they’d have done that in my day!”

Make Room for Daddy

First of all, it’s no longer necessary to quarantine baby showers to adult women only. Fathers are more involved in the birth and child care of their babies, so why not have the guys there for the fun? Child care isn’t just a woman’s job anymore. In the old days, men weren’t even allowed in the delivery room. Everything baby-related was “women’s business”, no wonder why they were excluded from the shower.

Today, more baby showers are including the friends and family of the expecting parents, including the guys and kids. Kid-friendly showers are also becoming more popular. Put out a few crafts or coloring books for the kiddies to help entertain them. For the guys, encourage them to bring something for “daddy”. Daddy “tool belts” or “kits” are popular. Also, Daddy Diaper Showers are a hit.

If the guys in your life want their own party, let them! Have some snacks and games for the guys separately, why not? Have a little game of blindfolded “Pin the Diaper on the Balloon” for a really fun time.

You can even wait until after the baby is born and host a “See and Sip”. This is much like an open house where couples come and mingle, just like a cocktail party, but bring gifts and see the new baby!

Whoooo Wants to be on Your Nursery Wall?

If ducks and bears are your thing, fine. But there are some other creatures that are gracing the walls of the nursery these days. Owls are all the rage. And it’s easy to see why, they’re cute! Owls have made their way to the baby shower scene as well. Everything from the invitations and paper goods to the guest books and favors are now easily found with these guys.

Mother Goose

A fun and interactive baby shower idea involves each guest bringing the baby a copy of their favorite childhood storybook. This helps mom and dad to build up their soon to be much needed library of bedtime stories. They can also bring a gift associated with the theme of the book like perhaps a stuffed white rabbit for “Alice in Wonderland”.

Just a Sprinkle

Showers aren’t just for first-time mothers anymore. The second or third (and so on) child is just as important as the first one. Why not celebrate their upcoming arrivals as well? If mom and dad still have everything from the first baby, just host a “Sprinkle” instead of a full-blown “shower”. Guests can bring a small gift for the parents or newly needed items for the baby rather than the all out “I need everything” theme from the first child.

Sometimes an “already mom” still needs a thing or two. Perhaps it’s been a while since the last baby came and things were given away or sold. Or maybe this new arrival is a surprise! If mom and dad didn’t see this one coming, they might need an extra hand getting things gathered together again.

Pink or Blue?

The Gender Reveal Shower is one of the hottest new trends in baby showers. There are several ways you can do this, but the most popular way to reveal the gender is inside the cake. The doctor gives a sealed envelope with the baby’s gender to the hostess of the shower. The hostess tells ONLY the baker who then bakes the inside of the cake pink or blue, depending on the gender. The cake is iced with a different color. Everyone then gathers around the cutting of the shower cake to see what the baby will be!

The only trouble with this type of shower is that since your guests won’t know what the gender is UNTIL the actual shower, they won’t be able to purchase gender-related gifts for you. But it’s still a sweet notion of shared surprise, nevertheless. It’s easy to see why this one is so popular.

Reach out and Touch Someone

Long distance baby showers are great for those couples who have moved away from their main friend and family base. It may not always be feasible for the couple to travel, especially when they’re expecting! But their nearest and dearest will still want to shower them with baby gifts.

Luckily, technology has made this super easy for us now. Online gift registries and e-invites help you pull it all together. Simply ask mom to register for the baby shower online and the guests will know what to buy, the same as for a traditional shower. The guests then mail the packages to the home of the expecting parents. While you’ll miss one another’s company, the sentiment (and gifts) is still much appreciated.

You may want to keep in mind the possibility of friends and family who aren’t too computer savvy. Mailing them a list of suggested items and a printed invitation explaining the situation is usually a good way to involve these not-so-techy loved ones. You can even mail them a baby shower favor to commemorate the event, the same as you would hand one out in person.

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