Moms with Voices Media: A blog marketing company specializing in reviews, group giveaways, link placement and sponsored posts. We will be passing on our reach to 1500 bloggers, including over 100 paying blog members, and 300 active affiliates.

Moms with Voices Media will be sold as a package as it is already well known in blog communities.

The Public Site- This is our PR4 site, ( designed to gain both new business clients, and blogger members. This site requires absolutely no maintenance.


The Members Only Site- This is our PR2 site, ( and includes a blogger forum, affiliate network lies on subdomain, (, premium membership plugin Wishlist Member, Rewards system plugin CubePoints, premium Mingle Forum upgrades including live chat, and Shopping Cart plugin WP eStore which is easily configured with Paypal and several other providers.


The Affiliate Network- Our blogger members have ads live on their sites now. We currently charge $197 to set up a new client on the system, but that is very low compared to the industry and could be raised considerably. This can be used to place your OWN affiliate links and get them on a lot of blogs, or to place and track your clients clicks, sales, registrations, and more. The affiliate network is built on the Postaffiliate Pro platform, and you can view the capabilities here: (


Facebook App- We have a Facebook App that is near completion. The App rewards a user “points” for promotional activities such as tweets, shares, and blog posts. The user can then redeem their points in the Swag Shop, wherein small business sponsors add product. You can view the mock up and description here, (


Social Media Fan Pages-
Facebook: ( 4430 Fans
Twitter: ( 2830 Fans


Blog Members- We currently charge blog members $1.99 per month with a one month free trial period. 139 current monthly paid subscribers or $276 residual income


5 Facebook Groups for Bloggers- With 1200 active blogger members participating


Affiliate Network Clients- We currently have 2 affiliate clients that will remain active in the network, and have ads live on blogs.


Webhosting- is currently on the blogger platform, and can be transferred to WordPress prior to sale if need be. (I had it there once before and switched back) is hosted on GoDaddy. Both sites will be renewed to 2/2014 with hosting included until that time.

Work to be done

Maintaining the entire business should take 3-4 hours per day. This includes:

  1. Pitching
  2. Posting campaign sign ups on the members only site
  3. Communication with clients
  4. Verifying reviews, giveaways, and links are posted
  5. Paying members and affiliates (15th each month)


Site Details

  • PR 4
  • 154,131 Global Alexa
  • 8070 Bing Backlinks
  • 465 Alexa Backlinks

  • PR 1
  • 179,957 Global Alexa
  • Resource Library
  • Blogger Forum
  • FREE media kit generator for bloggers
  • Premium Plugins

  • PR 2
  • HUGE active network of bloggers!

Financial Details

Revenue come from SEVERAL different sources:

  1. Review campaigns
  2. Group Giveaway campaigns
  3. Sponsored Post campaigns
  4. Affiliates- New client sign ups
  5. Affiliates- Ad revenue
  6. Membership Dues

**This site has NOT been monetized with Adsense yet**

IF Facebook App moves forward:

  1. Point purchase
  2. Advertising Space