You should Knowing Before Bringing Baby at Home

You should Knowing Before Bringing Baby in HomeAlong these lines, you’re going to have your first infant and kid is there a great deal of data to ingest! Between your specialists and the web, you likely have exhortation post-it notes spread all around each free corner of your cerebrum, however with regards to bringing infant home, a portion of the best guidance originates from different mothers who have remained in your extremely shoes.

From directing a little review from mothers who have been through the whole first infant experience, I’ve assembled 5 things these mothers wish they would have known before bringing infant home.

So, you’re about to have your first baby and boy is there a lot of information to absorb! Between your doctors and the internet, you probably have advice post-it notes plastered all over every free corner of your brain, but when it comes to bringing baby home, some of the best advice comes from other moms who have stood in your very shoes.

From conducting a small survey from moms who have been through the entire first baby experience, I’ve put together 5 things these moms wish they would have known before bringing baby home.

1. Prepare for Birth, but Manage Your Expectations

Yes, you can-and should-prepare for the birth of your first baby as much as possible, but leave room for unpredictable variables. I know that feeling “out-of-control” can weaken your resolve, and it’s good to place your trust in your doctors, but trust yourself too. If your perfect birth plan starts to derail a little, do not fret! You don’t have to completely abandon your intentions. Ask for help in staying close to your original goals. Stay focused on your intention, and remember you’ll be bringing baby home and that’s what this is all about.

2. It’s Okay to be Emotional… No, Really!

Once the baby comes, there’s a whole lot that comes with and it will be an emotional time for you-especially during the post-partum phase! This hormonal tsunami, as I like to call it, is completely normal and other moms have been through it, too. You may even get a little nostalgic for your old life pre-baby and this is okay, too! Don’t feel guilty, momma, you’re in good company and it’s all part of the process. After all, this is a significant life change and it’s completely normal to go through an adjustment period-you will get through it!

3. Always Love Yourself; It’ll Make You a Better Mom

Bringing baby home is a momentous life-style change. Guilt over pre-baby nostalgia, those extra pounds, and lack of sleep, will nag at you unless you treat yourself with compassion. Extra grace is required. Make sure that your loved ones understand what you might go through, and ask for compassion and a bit of help adjusting. 85% of new moms experience the “Baby Blues”. So be kind to yourself, get lots of rest, eat right, and get a break from your baby now and then. Do nice things for yourself. You deserve it.

4. Have a Support System Set in Place

More than likely, if you’re like many new moms, you’re going to feel the need to take everything on, make everything perfect, and carry it all on your own shoulders. Being Super Mom seems great and all, but you can get rundown very quickly and that’s no good for baby! Set up a support system for help with housework. Hire a Post-partum Doula if you don’t have family available. See a lactation consultant for advice on Breastfeeding (it can be harder than you might think!). And let people come in and lend a hand in any way they can.

5. Don’t Take “It” Out on Your Spouse

And by “It”… I mean, everything. You might think you “won’t be that mom”, but that’s what every mom thinks and usually later has to come to terms with the fact that they’re being a Mom-zilla. Bringing home baby, especially when it’s your first baby, is going to be a hard adjustment for both of you and it’s important to work as a team. He probably will do some things differently from you and that’s okay. Be flexible and let the little things go. Ask yourself, “In the scheme of things is this issue really important?” Keep lines of communication open and always make sure that your husband feels like he is a part of the process, and is being a great dad. It’s really important for him to know that he’s doing his best to be involved. He will look to you for that, so definitely keep that in mind. Remember kindness and compassion.

No matter what happens, always remember that the best possible thing that you can do-even more so than planning everything out perfectly-is stay positive and remember that you’re not alone. Women have been having their first baby since the beginning of time and bringing baby home is just the start of one of life’s most fulfilling adventures!

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